Medical Billing

TUT Consultants have been in the medical billing business for over 25 years. During the last several years TUT Consultants has adapted to the ever-changing medical environment, modifying and adding to its services to proactively meet the needs of its clients. Working with TUT Consultants will allow you to experience medical billing the way it should be—simple, straightforward and effective. You became a physician to take care of patients, not battle insurance companies. The TUT Team is knowledgeable, hardworking, competent and ethical. Let us help you focus on what you do best; while we focus on what we do best: getting you paid for the services you provide.

TUT Consultants can assist new practices in getting their offices set up and running. We can also help existing businesses to operate their offices more effectively and find ways to increase revenue and grow their businesses. Every practice is different and we offer an array of services that you can customize according to your needs.

Medical Billing Service:
  • TUT is able to use your present medical billing software, with you in full control and allow you the ability to monitor the process.
  • Patient demographics and billing information, posting of charges, posting payments based on EOB’s, and making all necessary adjustments.
  • Electronic Claim Filing: Most claims are billed electronically and in doing so, claims are paid quickly and accurately.
  • Cutting edge EHR System: 24-hour access to your Practice Management System to view your billing, patient history, and/or run reports.
  • Insurance and Patient Collections: We take pride in our immediate and persistent, yet professional follow-up on all denied claims, which include appeals and corrections. Patient Statements are sent out monthly.
  • Customized monthly financial reports
  • Medical Office Consulting: Provide experienced consulting to help improve the processes and operations in a medical office to run the office more efficiently.
  • Medical Billing Auditing: Review of coding for accuracy, policy, and procedures to ensure efficiency and compliance.
  • ICD-10/CPT Coding: Coding review and recommendations for both CPT and ICD10.

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